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Why would someone want to own a siamese cat?  Well beware, because to own one is truly to fall in love with this beautiful and intriguing breed. 

The siamese cat (and orientals are simply 'siamese cats in different clothes') is a truly unique character in the cat world.  You may have heard them described as 'dog-like', and this is a very accurate description.  They show the same loyalty and devotion to their 'people' that a dog does; they will greet you enthusiastically at the front door if you've been out, and follow you around the house when you are at home.  They also seem to have a natural 'retrieval' instinct that would rival any labrador, and can easily be trained to walk on a lead.  They are out-going, gentle, and tolerant of children.

Added to this, they are mischievous and playful, and very very clever!  Your siamese or oriental kitten will soon learn to open doors, hide in kitchen cupboards, jump into the fridge  and steal your socks!  I have heard of siamese cats stealing socks off washing lines and making off with the Sunday roast!  One thing is for sure, once you open your home (and your heart!) to a siamese or oriental cat, life will never be boring.

oriental cats have the same character as siamese

 One word of caution.  If you are after a 'low-maintenance' pet that can look after itself while you are out at work all day then the siamese cat is not for you.  Siamese and oriental cats are first and foremost social animals.  Don't consider getting one if you can't give it the attention it deserves.  If you work but are desperate for a siamese or oriental cat to share your life with then please get two - that way they can keep each other company while you're not about.

This leads onto the final word of caution... People somehow never seem to settle for 'just the one' siamese or oriental; a first cat or kitten will always inevitably lead to a second, and maybe a third...  When you buy your first siamese kitten you are starting a love-affair with this incredible species that is likely to last - and dominate - your whole life.  It does ours.


siamese cat personality
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