This is Moonsfield Miranda Cara, better known as 'Bonjour'.  She was so-called by our 4-year-old son, and the name stuck.  She is a caramel tortie tabby oriental.

Bonjour is Mab's little sister, and, like the Naughty Little Sister of the Dorothy Edwards books, is always in trouble of one kind or another!  Unlike Mab, Bonjour isn't sensible enough to make sure someone else gets the blame...  She is very playful and adventurous, but is also very affectionate and gentle, and loves cuddling up with our 4-year-old son.









This is Moonsfied Fairytale, also known as 'Mab'.  She was bred by Dawn Gulliver of Moonsfield Cats.  She is  a caramel tabby point siamese. 

She has the most gentle, sweet temperament of any cat we have ever known.  She is also very clever, and is the 'ringleader' of any mischief the cats get into (although she is also too smart to be the one who gets caught!).










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